Founded MediaGroove in 2006. Co-founded Wired Magazine back in 1992. Worked at Apple. Participated in the broadband & digital media revolution from the start, in places like SF, Austin and NYC. Investor/Advisor to Critical Metrics (a music recommendation startup). Currently working as Director of Metadata Management at Showtime Networks in NYC. With MediaGroove – produced, arranged, and coordinated the publicity for 7 releases since 2010. Plays percussion, bass and melodica.

Will Kreth


Early digital adopters and Internet startup entrepreneur, Wayne was one of the first web developers in Portland, Oregon and helped many businesses, nonprofits and artists build their first web presence. Wayne founded Portland Networks Internet Group, and authored two books on digital media. Wayne’s music journey includes several years as event director for the annual Waterfront Blues Festival in PDX. He plays a vintage Guild electric bass, piano and guitar.

Wayne Ause


A modern day polymath, Benita is currently completing her M.S in Statistics also holding a B.S in chemistry. Benita joined MediaGroove to assist in the growth and development of all Marketing Strategies.

Benita Diop