MediaGroove Music, with offices in Brooklyn (NYC) and Portland (OR), is a data-driven record label.

AAbout MediaGroove

Now in our 11th year (founded in March 2006), with offices in Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR - MediaGroove Music is a data-driven, independent record label. Lead by a team of web developers and "metadata nerds” who happen to be arrangers, producers and musicians themselves, MediaGroove started as a rock documentary / interactive film venture that realized that films about unknown artists would be better received if the music of said artists was available in the world and had garnered a modicum of attention around it.

As a result, we’ve released 6 albums and 1 single since 2010 - and we've garnered positive reviews in the US, Canada, UK and Germany - in publications such as Pitchfork, New York Magazine, Wax Poetics, Cuepoint (Robert Christgau), Vibe and Financial Times (London).

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Distribution Domestic US (physical & streaming services): Sound Distribution Strategies

Broken Silence (physical)

Caroline True Records (physical)


Will Kreth

: 917-714-4532
: 248 Park Place, Brooklyn, NY 11238
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