Searching for the rare, liminal moments of life through sound.

With more than 12 releases since 2010 – MediaGroove strives to carve out a niche of international eclecticism through songs, sights and (e)motions. 



Sierra Classic Sound

Electronic-Soul vibrations from Brooklyn since 2019.

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Ice Age Jazztet

Tone, texture, and taste - the Ice Age Jazztet cools out in the scorching, soulful Sacramento scene as modern jazz foursome with fearsome chops.

Group 256


Silicon-Organica with sights on global beats and ambient frequencies.

Group 241

Stick Against Stone

Pittsburgh-born in the post-punk era. Nomadic. Omnivorous. Devoured no-wave jazz, funk, rock, dub and more into angular, political and heartfelt songs.

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